My GOULASH SERBIAN ART (Requested by sis Connie)

Last Saturday same as usual during weekend on Saturday is washing day for me then the Sunday have to iron them. I hardly get to it during weekdays that’s the reason why I prefer on Saturday. And beside to save up few euros in the pocket. I got up a little bit early to start and at the same time preparing breakfast.


Kids had this sandwich with tea for their breakfast. Sliced white bred with fresh cheese, chopped chive, sliced tomatoes, cucumber and ham. They said, I mean the Scientists have clearly demonstrated the breakfast is one of the most important meals of The Day. This is because, above all, that the body needs energy in sleep. But sometimes we sleep too long on weekends the reason why often we have brunch at home.


Last Saturday I did it right!
We had breakfast at eight o’ clock in the morning and for the lunch we had this Goulash with Pasta Serbian Art. Actually was a request by a very good online friend of mine all the way from Bahrain. She asked me if I can show to her my recipe of goulash serbian art, and If I remember it right that was two months ago. I don’t get to it so I decided to bring it behind me last Saturday and the video which I uploaded yesterday on my YOUTUBE Channel. I used to do this just to give an idea to others but it doesn’t mean it’s the best recipe ever. People differ from flavor and taste. Also in ways how they prepare and cook food. So this my version according to my family refferences. I used beef meat.


* 500g Beff meat for Goulash
* 4 tbsps. Canola Oil
* 4 pcs. Onions, chopped or cut into small cubes
* 2 tbsps. Tomatoe Paste
* 2 tbsps. Paprika Powder, sweet
* 1 cup Whip Cream
* Salt and Pepper
* cornstarch, to thicken (optional) I don’t use



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