Starting from today’s brunch for two.

A home made Tocino and Sardines with miswa or Chinese vermicelli and sponge gourd or the so called “Patola” in the Philippines seasoned with Patis or fish sauce. Starting the first day of “Ber” month with Pinoy food or Filipino cuisine. It is raining outside in the morning it is a little bit gloomy. Typical September weather.

MUNG BEAN (Mungo) with AMPALAYA LEAVES and FRIED DORADO (Sea Bream)-iCookiTravel

For dinner hubby cooked this mung bean or mungo with ampalaya leaves and fried Dorado or Sea bream. I used to eat all ampalaya leaves with mungo and a little bit of brown rice to be exact half a cup only per day, most of the time only whole grain bread. As I’m watching my diabetes and hypertension. Had to be very careful of what am I eating. As we all know, nutrition and physical activity such as sport or gymnastics are important factors of a healthy lifestyle when you have diabetes. Guten Appetit!😋

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Easy oven chicken thighs seasoned with just salt and pepper moist from itself  with carrot, Courgette or the so called Zucchini which is in season at very low price per Kilo is abot 79 cent only,  and scallions.

Oven Chicken thighs-iCookiTravel-Dolly’s Kitchen

You don’t need much time to stay in the kitchen for this recipe. Really easy to prepare and it doesn’t make much mess. For side dish you can serve it with rice if you are Filipino or bread, potatoes even such boiled vegetables can go along with it. Some serve it with polenta too. GUTEN APPETIT! 😀

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My kind of breakfast before I go to work, from day to day it varies according what I have in refrigerator. If not just an oatmeal with some berries, honey, 1 percent fat yogurt and chia seeds.  Today is something special for me, for you maybe it is just a little thing, but this little thing makes me happy and feel so blessed to have colleagues just like her.

Organic tiny tomatoes iCookiTravel

Thank you so much Sima for this organic vegetable from your garden. Tomatoes are grown and eaten around the world. It is used in diverse ways, but these are so cute and tiny. 😀

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So here it is…GUTEN APPETIT!


Today it’s holiday, celebrating the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary.  But I’m on duty and take note with normal working hours, eight hours duty. But We had fun at work with my colleagues. Sima brought us today some fruits to share with. She came late at work for one hour and I was telling her up to now she ‘s allowed to come late at work as long as she will bring us something to eat just like today. 😀

Sima’s fruits brought at work today! – iCookiTravel

Fruits such as ripe mango, just like our very own Philippine Mangoes , “yung hinog ang tamis-tamis”! Sa akin yung buto na dalawang piraso, (not in picture). Nectarines, Melon or sugar Melon and Grapes. What a great time to spend breaktime at work with colleagues like her. I’m so fortunate indeed! By the way, Sima is from India, not Austrian but living here in vienna for more than a decade too.

From Internet: “Forget five a day, eat 10 portions of fruit and veg to cut risk of early death.” 😀

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I’m always telling you how I love markets; from iconic to local markets, flea markets, farmers markets, street markets as well vintage markets.  Here what I got for the last few days from farmers markets. Farmers who came to Vienna to sell their products.

Today I visited again flea market near the airport and I got these plums and nectarines both for only one euro per kilo. Not too sweet but good enough for my shrimps paste (Bagoong alamang) for dipping. Yes! you read it right Folks. I used to eat it with “bagoong alamang guisado”. I’m a Filipina 😀

Plums and Nectarines from Hungarian farmers!

Studies proven that a fresh plum contains 113mg of potassium that helps manage high blood pressure. While nectarines are rich in fiber and vitamin C also low in calories that can be good for diabetics as well. So it will be good for me too, lalo na parehong iniingatan ko ang aking kalusugan. Ugaliing kumain nito na makakatulong sa mga may diabetes at high blood pressure na gaya ko.

My third whole watermelon this summer!

Soon summer is gone, but still lusting for this actually my third whole watermelon on this summer season. Watermelon is not only water but provides high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and just a small number of calories.

Huge eggplant from farmers market.

You just never know what you#re going to find at the farmers’ market. This past Sunday as I was visiting the flea market outside Vienna, I stumbled to this huge  eggplant.

Family of huge eggplants from Flea Market

Unique range of health benefits from eggplant, again manage diabetes, reduce stress and even prevent cancer and more. Hubby grilled this for me I ate with sliced tomatoes and red onions seasoned with shrimp paste (Bagoong guisado) eaten with whole grain bread. No rice for me, since 2013 and if ever just brown rice. Good for watching diabetes and hypertonie.




Hubby and I, we visited the Sunday flea market at Schwechat. One of the biggest flea market outside Vienna which we love to visit during Sundays on summertime. That have lots of private sellers from families emptying their basements or attics!  Easy to reach, if you will go with car relatively easy parking  and mostly something for everyone. Here is their facebook page for more INFO check it out:

To watch the video just click down here; Thanks 😀

Got up around 6 in the morning we walked from home at 5th District of Vienna to Schwechat took us 2 hours and 19 minutes it was 11,1 km. Good job for me to fight diabetes. Looking forward to do something like this as often as I can, it was fun and a very  healthy idea to boost my eagerness to maintain my sugar level into healthy side.

Grilled Chicken at Brauhaus Schwechat – iCookiTravel

And we end up to brunching at this corner in Brauhaus Schwechat. Grilled haft chicken landed on the table which is usually served with potatoe or cabbage salad with semmel, an austrian roll. Not in picture and video. Happy Sunday everyone!


Dorado or Sea Bream, icooked with tomatoes, onion and tumeric a kind of with soup but it turned out good for hubby’s taste. Ate with my brown rice. Cooked without oil just the natural fat from the fish.


TUMERIC- comes from ginger root, this spice could help treat diabetes, stabilize blood sugar levels according to research.

Sea bream belongs to white fish, which is a good source of iron and calcium and has a higher fat content  as you could sea in soup, considered a valuable source of omega 3 fat. Can help to lower blood pressure, again for hypertension.

Corn Soup with Turkey Breast and Pechay – iCookiTravel

A soup made of Polenta, Pechay and Turkey breast seasoned with broth powder, salt and pepper. Polenta made from maize flour or corn flour, use in Italian cooking. That was dinner last night and granary roll. Granary roll or in german Grahamweckerl is lower on the glycemic index than white and wholemeal bread. So it is suitable for people who are suffering  from type2 diabetes.

Salad and Turkey Breast – iCookiTravel

A lightly lunch for me as I go on watching my cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension. Yes you read it right. Here above juicy turkey breast meat and salad without rice. Home cooked in a frying pan and salad dressing is just a mixture of olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. For all we know that turkey meat is an excellent choice for health.

Sauteed Green Bell Pepper, Mushrooms and Pechay with Sesame Seed Oil-Dolly’s Kitchen-iCookiTravel

Here veggies- my linner- sauteed green bell pepper, mushrooms, pechay and sesame seed oil. Eating low -carb vegetables is a smart way to fill up when you have type 2 diabetes. This is delicious and healthy too aside from meatless.  Take it away from me Folks. Guten appetit!